Existence itself it’s magical, sense only exists within this incredible human experience.

When you look at nature, your spirit rises, we are surrounded by life, and we coexist with other realities that our senses cannot perceive. A whole world operates from the same heart of the creation; this is the fairies world. This collection presents celebration and gratitude to these nature spirits entities, being aware that we can get to know and to feel their spirit and being receptors of their special energy through our relation with flora and fauna.

Translucent and iridescent materials symbolize the imperceptible vibratory fre- quency in which fairies work directly with the divine light. Artisan Embroideries from Chiapas with flora and fauna motifs, prickly pears, birds, insects and variety of flowers and colors remind us the beauty and messy outrageous Mexican landscape.

Special Thanks to Ivan Aguirre and team for materializing these fairies into our world with his magical lens and their magical hearts.